*Instrumental tests shampoo + conditioner + serum – 3 applications per week softness and hair fibre surface state evaluation.
    Repair a year of damage in 3 washes*
    This unique shampoo with Amla fruit extract helps strengthen your hair. The Formula enriched with fruit vitamins and fruit extracts help smoothen and strengthen your hair.
  • Garnier Fructis
    Goodbye Damage
    System with Conditioner
    Repair a year of damage in 3 applications*
    This conditioner enriched with Amla fruit extract strengthens the hair and works beautiful to detangle hair and also adds shine to reinvent dull-looking, frizzy and damaged hair.
    Goodbye Damage Hair Oil
    Quick Wash Hair Oil
    A unique blend enriched with 3 oils - COCONUT + ALMOND + OLIVE. On the Inside, nourishes your scalp & hair, making it soft & smooth. On the outside protects the hair fiber and makes your hair softer, shiny and manageable.
    Goodbye Damage Serum
    Split-ends Serum
    Enriched with Amla fruit extract the formula works to help bind split ends together. 77% fewer split ends*, hair is smooth, shiny and looks healthy. Apply on washed towel dried hair. Dispense a few drops of serum into the palms of your hand, Spread evenly through hair lengths focusing particularly on the ends.
*Instrumental tests shampoo + conditioner + serum - 3 applications per week. Softness and hair fibre surface state evaluation.
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    I am a water polo player and after every practice session my hair gets rough and hard due to the chlorine level in the water! Goodbye Damage has helped a lot!
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What causes split ends?
Split ends are caused by various factors such as loss of moisture, humidity, excessive washing & blow drying.
How do I check my hair for split ends?
To find out if you have split ends check ends of your hair while combing it. If there are forks at the tips of your hair, then you have split ends.
How do I get rid of split ends?
To get rid of split ends, proper trimming of your hair at regular intervals is required along with usage of the right conditioner at the hair ends. The formula in the Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage conditioner helps penetrate into the hair fiber to fill in the cracks caused by damage. Hair is strengthened from inside out. Also it seals the cuticle and protects the hair fibre. Shine is revealed, hair is uniformly smooth through lengths.
How often should I cut my hair to get rid of split ends?
On an average, hair grows ½ inch in 4 weeks. To get rid of split ends, trim your hair once every 3 months.
What causes dandruff?/What are the causes of dandruff?
The primary cause of dandruff is the excessive quantities of microorganism. They are naturally present on the scalp but may upset the scalp cells which are constantly renewing
Are there specific foods that increase dandruff?
There is no research to prove that any specific foods contribute to having dandruff.
Does oiling my hair worsen dandruff?
There are no studies to prove that oiling your hair worsens dandruff.
Do specific seasons worsen dandruff?
Usually dandruff worsens during winter season because the scalp becomes dry.
Why does my dandruff start flaking with specific shampoos?
Studies have not yet proved that any specific shampoo can be the cause of flaking dandruff. It could be that one scalp may have particular sensitivity with a particular ingredient.
How can I get rid of dandruff?
You can get rid of visible dandruff by regularly using an anti-dandruff shampoo and a conditioner. For long term management never share your brushes/combs, disinfect them after every use using a dilute antiseptic solution.
I've suddenly spotted lots of white hair and I’m only between 20 – 30 years. What causes white hair?
Premature greying of hair can be caused due to several factors including loss/lack of melanin production in the hair tress. It could also be due to heredity factors or as a result of certain medical conditions.
Is stress one of the causes of white hair?
Stress could be a cause of white hair. Your hair is a reflection of your food and lifestyle
Does a bad diet cause white hair?
Yes, bad diet can play a major role in premature greying. Make sure your diet is healthy and well balanced to include essential proteins to keep your healthy.
Is it true that if I pull one white hair, it will cause more?
There is no research to prove that plucking/pulling white hair causes more.
Is it okay to colour my hair to conceal the whites?
If you think that concealing your white hair would make you feel & look good, then conceal the whites with a hair coloration product. Make sure you take proper care of your hair after colouring by using conditioners. You can apply a good quality crème hair color like Garnier Color Naturals to color your hair.
How many strands of hair does a person with healthy hair lose daily?
Research has proven that a person with healthy hair loses 50-100 strands of hair daily.
What causes excessive hair fall?
Excessive hair fall can be caused by a lot of factors like heredity, hormones some medical conditions such as Thyroid problems, scalp infection, as a side effect of some medicines, an unhealthy lifestyle or even stress. Mechanical cause for hair fall is because of the breakages in the hair when we subject it to daily external aggressions like combing, styling by heat, etc.
Does my diet increase hair fall?
Poor nutrition can increase hair fall. Include essential nutrients such as proteins and vitamins in your daily diet to help make your hair healthy & stronger from the roots.
How can I strengthen my hair from the root to prevent it from falling?
To strengthen your hair, it is important to use the right product. Regular usage of Garnier Fructis Good Bye Damage shampoo & conditioner helps to provide hair with nutrients that penetrate the hair fibre, strengthening it from root to top. Make sure you also use the Goodbye Damage Quick Wash oil, which is a unique blend of almond, coconut and olive oil, a perfect recipe to strengthen hair from root to tip.
My hair does not grow at all. Is it because of insufficient proteins in my shampoo? Should I change the foods I eat to include more protein in my diet?
While diet may take a role in hair nutrition, if your hair does not grow at all, you might need to consult a medical expert to know the real cause.
How often should I wash my hair if it’s oily?
There are certain types of Shampoos for very oily hair. Most of these are called as clarifying shampoos. Use them daily.
How often should I wash my hair if it’s dry?
There are certain types of hair care products designed for dry hair. For dry hair, you should use a whole range of hair care products (not just shampoo) to help manage dryness.
If I have very oily hair, should I avoid a conditioner?
A conditioner cannot increase the oil produced at your scalp. Make sure you use a conditioner regularly since it gives care to the hair fibre & returns the shine and lustre of your hair.
Besides sun, dust and pollution what are the other factors in daily life that ruin hair?
External aggressions in our daily life may include humidity, air conditioning/ Blow drying/ Harsh Chemical Treatments/ Excessive Combing of Hair. These may have a negative impact on your hair.
Is conditioning your hair really important? Is it true that you should use a conditioner only with cold water? Should a conditioner be applied only to the tips or to my full hair? Are shampoo-cum-conditioners good for my hair?
Conditioning your hair after every shampoo is very important. For best results, apply the conditioner on the lengths of your hair and wash it off well in cold/lukewarm water.
Are hair serum and other post wash products important? How should I use a hair serum?
A hair serum is an extension of your conditioner. It gives further care and makes the hair manageable. It is usually applied on the length of the hair.
Are straightening/blow drying/curling your hair very damaging? How often can one do this without causing extensive damage?
Yes, straightening/blow drying and curling your hair can be damaging. But nowadays, there are new technologies being incorporated in the styling regimen to provide a degree of care to the hair. Nevertheless they should be done as less frequently as possible. To manage the damage, haircare products like conditioners (rinse-off and leave on) are available. Garnier Fructis Good Bye Damage range which includes shampoo, conditioner, quick wash oil and serum have been formulated to help manage the hair damage.
Is oiling my hair really important? How often should I oil it? Should I avoid oiling if I already have an oily scalp? Should I oil just the roots or even the tips?
Yes, oiling your hair is a very important step of your hair care regimen. Oil is to be applied & massaged at the scalp where the roots of the hair are. Massaging the scalp helps in blood circulation which is beneficial for the hair. Oil your hair at least thrice a week before washing your hair with shampoo. The new Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Hair Oil is the first of its kind. It is a revolutionary Quick Wash Oil which can be washed away very easily.
My hair is lifeless and limp. What can I do to improve its texture and add lustre and shine?
To improve the texture and add lustre and shine to your hair use the right shampoo and conditioner. Goodbye Damage Hair Care range strengthens damaged, lifeless hair by filling cracks in the hair fibre. Also, the range seals the cuticle and protects hair fibre making hair smooth through the lengths. The hair surface is improved & smoother so your hair will consequently have shine & lustre.
Are hair spas good for your hair? Or do they simply temporarily improve the texture, but not have any long term impact?
Hair spas are great for your hair and make the hair soft and healthier. Like other cosmetic products, hair spas should be regularly used (not daily) to keep the benefit.
My hair is very frizzy and uncontrollable even after using a conditioner. What can I use to reduce the frizz? Does brushing your hair too often make it frizzier?
To manage frizzines, hair should be protected with conditioning agents that may have properties against humidity. After shampooing, use an Anti-Frizz Conditioner followed by an Anti-Frizz serum for longer protection and manageability.
Is there any way I can get the salon like shine and bounce in my hair at home only?
The right home-use products can provide you with the salon like shine and bounce in your hair. The new Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage range has fortified amla, essential oils and fruit vitamins to help repair damage caused to your hair, and help strengthen it from the root consequently giving the hair a healthy bounce. It also helps improve the surface of the hair giving shine to your hair.
I live in a metro and can’t avoid pollution and dust. What can I do to reduce the damage caused to my hair?
The right usage of the shampoo & conditioner can reduce the damage caused to your hair. Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage range of shampoo and conditioner repairs 1 year of damage in just 3 washes*.
*Instrumental tests shampoo + conditioner + serum - 3 applications per week. Softness and hair fiber surface state evaluation.